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We are Apostolic


Just as the early church Apostles lived and served God, we believe in:

  1. Apostolic Anointing – We seek to have the power of God in us and upon us.
  2. Apostolic Prayer – We seek His face, His will, His purpose, His guidance, His move.
  3. Apostolic Worship – We entertain an environment where God’s presence will inhabit us and move among us and in us and through us in the gifts of His Spirit.
  4. Apostolic Teaching – We teach the Apostolic truth of salvation and living for God as the Apostles taught.
  5. Apostolic Authority and Power – We take authority in the Spirit to see the miraculous in signs and wonders.
  6. Apostolic Evangelism – We reach to everyone; everyone matters.
  7. Apostolic Compassion – We serve our church, our community, our world.